01 Product


Welcome to the revolution

Kromm. Watches as individual as those who own them.

A revolution in design. A revolution in engineering. A revolution in self-expression. Welcome to Kromm.

Four years and 45 000 hours in the making. Born from a tradition of radical Dutch design. The product of a world-beating team assembled from the four corners of the earth. A Kromm is a watch like no other, each as unique as its owner, instantly recognisable and yet entirely bespoke.

This is the first expression of a cutting-edge proposition designed for tomorrow’s luxury consumers. Kromm will breathe new life into the luxury, and with the creation of the Kromm prototype, the new era is already dawning.

02 Design


A new and radical watch archetype.

The perfect marriage between infinitely mutable form and finely calibrated function.

The Kromm story began with a simple idea.

To take high-end product design to a new level, creating a timepiece, and ultimately a suite of products, each and every one as singular as the person who buys it.

Nature is a designer without equal. Every leaf, branch and tree is unique and never accidental. Form seamlessly flows into function. In homage, Kromm watches are created in the same unbridled yet highly controlled way, with neither repetition nor restriction to shape or symmetry.

The Kromm watch is the ultimate expression of the personal and exclusive. And the watch is just the beginning…

03 Technology


Crafting individuality at scale.

Watches made in a way impossible until today.

Our production process follows a genuinely ground-breaking approach that allows us to bring uniqueness and particular character to every watch we make.

Buyers in the prestige category are used to a certain degree of customisation - colours, textures, materials. But form is always fixed. The Kromm approach to production permits uniqueness also of form, enabling true self-expression among truly discerning consumers.

We have developed our process in partnership with the best in the world. It is utterly new, but rigorously and thoroughly integrated. This is the 4th Industrial Revolution brought for the first time into the world of luxury brands, leveraging the quantum leap in computing power and manufacturing connectivity to cross new frontiers in design.

04 Audience


Craving the authentic, shunning the fake.

Consumers who share our values and value our products.

High-end buyers are searching for products that truly reflect and refine their individuality and their values.

The originality of our products and the authentic values of our business will make Kromm a brand that the affluent audience will fall in love with and stay loyal to.

Millennials already provide 85% of the growth in luxury purchasing and will account for over half of total spend by 2024. They overwhelmingly buy products that mirror their true selves. Kromm will be their brand.

05 Marketing


From advocacy to adoration.

Building equity with the right people, for the long term.

Revolutionary brands create a passionate following. We will move beyond the conventions of the luxury sector to connect with people in a truly authentic and differentiating way.

Our audience will engage with Kromm through the inspirational people they look up to, and these ambassadors will engage with us through a shared belief. Because respect for employees, respect for partners, for customers, for humanity and for the natural world is woven into the fabric of the Kromm business.

We believe that running a great business comes with great responsibility. We wouldn’t have it any other way, and our customers will love us for it.

06 Ambition


A bold plan with rock-solid foundations.

From a maker of quality watches to a brand at the forefront of the luxury category.

Our unique approach to design, craft, production and marketing have found their first expression in our watch.

The Kromm methodology means much more than just timeless individually designed watches. It is a philosophy that extends seamlessly to all the products with which prestige buyers might truly express themselves.

Our technology is built to scale rapidly, and our business model and processes allow for expansion both by geography and product range. We have thus built the foundation for Kromm to occupy the market leading position from tomorrow and for the long term.

07 Team


The winning team.

Exceptional talent, with depth of experience in every aspect of the business.

Our team brings passion and specialist expertise, along with the late-night lateral thinking required for this revolutionary new proposition.

Since the business was born in 2014 this team has sharpened the Kromm vision and developed the approach to design, production and marketing that underpin it and bring it fully to life.

We are a multi-disciplinary, international and eclectic group, supported by leading partners and expert advisors from the watch, luxury and high-tech categories. Together we are re-inventing the luxury category. Welcome to the revolution.


Contact us and welcome the revolution together.

Kromm B.V.
Dali Building | Herikerbergweg 286
1101 CT Amsterdam | The Netherlands
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