By fusing innovative technologies with traditional production processes, we created a completely new way to design and produce luxury products. Kromm is ground-breaking in its origin and look. With only one-of-one pieces we present a new architype of luxury. New yet familiar, different from anything else in the market today.


We celebrate the freedom of being ourselves and the right to choose our own life journeys. At Kromm, we believe that uniqueness and individuality are fundamental values in life.


We managed to reflect these values into our products: any Kromm product is as unique as the person wearing it. By making truly discernable products, essentially different from any other luxury products in the market today, we created the fundamentals of a new archetype of luxury brand.
With uniqueness in the core of our products, the consumer is in the core of our brand. 


We are a well-balanced team of capable professionals, enabled with passion and empowered by vision. With the strong advisory board and the right partners, our ecosystem leverages all required expertise in technology, production, design and brand building. We are excited and confident to open a new, meaningful chapter in a world of beautifully designed and ingeniously crafted creations.


We see immense potential in making our world a better place. Being responsible to existing and future generations, as a sincere reflection of our values, we (support individuals and organizations that) contribute to making positive and meaningful changes across the globe.


We are fascinated by the success of existing luxury leaders and combine their best practices with our product and brand differentiators. To several big and dynamically growing consumer segments, our product and brand story is more appealing than anything offered in the luxury market today.
It is our ambition to become the preferred brand of choice for the people that identify themselves with our vision and values.
Our groundbreaking innovations in design and industrial production processes will have an impact far beyond the scope we initially anticipated.


We will enter the market with a product that best demonstrates our vision and innovation in order to profoundly position the brand in the luxury industry, followed by a wider product range among and beyond existing luxury categories.

Kromm B.V.
Herikerbergweg 286
1101CT Amsterdam
The Netherlands

For more details please contact us
Phone: +31 (0)20 760 1511
e-mail: info@kromm.nl